> Red, White & Dead Zombiewalk 2011

Taken at 2011 Red, White & Dead Zombiewalk event in Seattle.

Real Family Values
Finger Food
Ice Cream Queens
Eat Your Heart Out
I Only Have Eyes For You
Brain Candy
Star Trek Zombies
Brains Are Murder
Zombie Vogue Cover Girl
Is There Something On My Face?
White Swan Zombie
Who's Your Dentist?
Mmmmmm Toes
Why So Sad?
Zombie Santa
Give Peace Zombies A Chance
Zom-B-Gone Guy
You've Got The Cutest Little Baby Cake
Brain Jello
Save Bacon
Kiss Me Deadly
Coming Out Party
Nice Day For A Dead Wedding Day
Classic Baked Brain
Death of The Flip Phone
How's It Hangin' Dude?