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Unreal! Kudos to her for fighting back against the idiocy!


I believe that the only possible response to the Stacy Snyder story is... Sheesh! Where the heck is this Millersville University - in Bedrock, four blocks down from the Flintstones?


I loved the movie about the pirates, and Johnny. Your article I really enjoyed reading. Your talents are many.



MILLERSVILLE, Pa., December 3, 2008 – Federal Judge Paul Diamond has dismissed all charges against Millersville University of Pennsylvania and has issued a verdict in favor of five Millersville University administrators and against Stacey Snyder. The charges against the University had been dismissed earlier in the litigation. After a bench trial, the judge ruled today in favor of the defendants; Dr. Jane S. Bray, dean of the School of Education; Dr. Vilas A. Prabhu, provost and vice president of academic affairs; J. Barry Girvin, Snyder’s student teaching supervisor; Dr. Judith Wenrich, student teaching coordinator; and Dr. Beverly Schneller, chair of English.

“We are pleased with the judge’s ruling,” said Francine G. McNairy, president of Millersville University. “This ruling exonerates the University and upholds the principles of academic integrity that are the foundation of the University and our School of Education.”

“In spite of the national media saying otherwise, this was never about a photograph,” said McNairy. “To the contrary it was about performance standards. The ruling confirms that Millersville University has a quality teacher education program with high standards for certifying teachers and those principles must be upheld.” In her lawsuit, Snyder had claimed that she was denied a teaching certificate because of a photograph of her on MySpace. The photograph in question showed Snyder wearing a pirate hat with a cup in her hand, and the caption, “Drunken Pirate” below the photo.

Snyder attended Millersville from June 2002 to May 2006 and earned a bachelor’s degree in English, rather than a bachelor’s degree in education because she did not meet the requirements to become a teacher. Judge Paul Diamond ruled that Millersville University did not have the authority to award Snyder bachelor’s degree in education because Snyder failed to complete the required student teaching component of the degree; and as a result Snyder was not eligible for an initial teaching certificate. Diamond indicated that it would not serve the public interest and would be an impermissible abuse of the court’s equitable powers to order Millersville University to recommend Snyder for certification to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The judge also ruled in his verdict that the University did not violate Snyder’s First Amendment right to free expression.

“Millersville University is committed to serving our students and the children they will teach,” said McNairy. “Providing quality teachers for the Commonwealth and nation is something we take very seriously. It’s about the children.”

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